rebecca haugh VO


Neumann U87 microphone, Logic Pro DAW, Apogee One interface.

Directed sessions

Source-Connect, ISDN, ipDTL, SessionLink, Skype


I continuously train and practice acting in workshops and workouts; groups, one-on-one coaching or solo. I also study the art via books, film and the internet. In 2013 I founded an online voice-over improvisation workout group and I workout once to twice a week with improvisation.

Los Angeles highlights: Meisner’s Method with Martin Barter at The Sanford Meisner Center;  David Kagen Acting Studio with Brett Rickaby; Fitzmaurice Breath & Voice Work with Saul Kotzubai; VO Improvisation at Kalmenson & Kalmenson with Stephen Tobolowsky; Singing for Actors with Mary Setrakian

San Francisco highlights: Bay Area Theater Sports (BATS); VO Commercial, Narration, etc. with Taylor Korobow at The Voice Factory; Singing & Acting at Shari Carlson Studio; Cold Reading at Seydways Acting Studios.


I have performed as an actress and host for television, indie film and regional theater in California. I have a BA degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting. I have practical experience in video production, ad sales, cable TV operations, sales training & marketing in Silicon Valley California, both for small businesses and major corporations.

Hi there! I'm Rebecca Haugh, also known as LoveThatRebecca.

As a voice actor I've worked with national, regional and international brands: Apple, Netflix, NBC TV Universal, Coca-Cola, Bayer, Nestle, Google, Fujitsu, HP, Pfizer, Macys, Comcast, Safeway. Here are some production companies: Philly Post, Ilion Studio, Jumping Rock, Dynamite Laser Beam, AudioLink, Lux&Zebra, Coupe Studios, Coolfire Studios, JLB Localization.

I voice radio and tv commercials, corporate and explainer videos, eLearning, TV narration dubbing, animation, podcasts and phone systems. I have also performed as an actress and host for television, indie film and regional comedy theater in California. I started my voice over career in 2001 and have voiced hundreds of projects as a Mom, girl-next-door, expert coach, friendly host, newscaster and more. 

My first voiceover job was from my first audition for The Voice Factory. My favorite stage experience was as Ida in the improv dinner theater comedy "Joni and Gina's Wedding" in Hollywood. Since 2013 I've been improvising via online workouts and trainings 45 weeks a year. As an improviser, I received my initial training at Bay Area Theater Sports (BATS) in San Francisco in 2000. I studied improvisation in San Francisco at BATS, The Voice Factory, Sheri Carlson Studio with additional improv and acting workshops offered by Hayes Casting and Beau Bonneau Casting. Improv was really pushed as an acting skill. When I moved to Los Angeles in 2004, I continued my studies and work as an actor. Using improv, I booked dinner theater and commercial acting gigs.

In addition to the constant VO work for clients, I founded VO-Improv, the only online training for voice actors who want to learn and practice improvisation to become a better actor. I personally wanted this kind of online service, couldn't find it offered by anyone, so I created it in 2013. For me, VO Improv is many things - sparking creativity with innovation in your improv, feeling and embracing risk, putting it all together with voiceover acting. Sometimes that includes overcoming barriers, making discoveries about acting. 

I started doing VO during my corporate career to help out the marketing department. But I really started back in sixth grade when I wrote, produced and marketed my first horror play with my neighborhood friends. Yes, I am curious how far you will read through this!