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Let's collaborate and I'll deliver audio with the right the vocal tone, context for your eLearning project.  I put your priorities first and deliver VO you can enthusiastically incorporate in your project.  

Use the 'contact' tab in the menu (above my demos) to reach me.  I look forward to e-meeting you!

3 Tips to Write an eLearning Script for Listener's Ears

Collaborating with eLearning Developers, I’ve studied how eLearning courses are ‘heard’ by the course participant. Here are important tactics, bite-sized, for your use.

Voice Over Audio Script Format Tip: Save Time
Here is a quick, efficient tip with a simple audio script format that will save you time: Great when not recording yourself, but having any other person record for you.

5 tips for eLearning Voiceover

Here are some helpful eLearning voice recording tips to plan for your next eLearning project. They might help you get a much better voice recording or at least avoid problems.

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